Hey everyone! Exciting news!! My short story “Tail” is published! 📚✨

Suddenly whisked into a journey to find a plant that will heal his bent tail, Michael the mouse hurries on a perilous adventure to reach the plant before it is gone! Along the way, he makes several new and interesting friends, crosses rushing rivers, finds golden cities, faces the claws of danger, and much more. The crucial question is, will Michael reach the healing plant in time? This book is a special story of loving your neighbor and the blessing of putting others before yourself.

Get the book here on Amazon. 📚

Thanks and God bless!

– Brittany

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Published by brittanybarryart

Brittany Barry is a professional artist in character design, visual development, illustration, and fine art. She has worked for Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media as a Graphic Designer. ​ "There is joy in encouraging and inspiring people through art, writing, and film. My work features richly dynamic characters, and illustrations that tell compelling stories. My art is inspired by the glints of wonder found in life. The honesty of an expression, the sparkle of a chandelier, the ivy-covered doorway; things that call for a story to be imagined and illustrated. ​ I received a Master of Art in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and a Bachelor of Science in Art Management/Minor in General Business from Appalachian State University. ​ In my spare time from work, you’ll find me playing the piano, singing, writing, studying French, reading and drinking tea! Cheers!" - Brittany

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