Short Story – The Pirate and the Mermaid

Good morrow everyone! Here is my latest short story, “The Pirate and the Mermaid.” I hope you enjoy it! Thanks!


The Pirate and the Mermaid


What was that? A beautiful necklace made of pink and white flowers! The mermaid found the gift lying on her favorite sunning rock and lovingly fingered the soft petals. But who had left it there? Was it left by accident or was it for her?

Oh! She noticed a little note tied with a white string to the necklace. It said in crumpled letters “Hello.”

In that moment, the mermaid heard a soft cough behind her and turned to see a man standing on the shore just a few feet away. But it wasn’t just any man – it was the pirate with the red bandana. She had seen him before, pulling gold onto shore from his many escapades with his surly shipmates. The mermaid eyed him with suspicion, but just before she could snub his gift and leave, the pirate called, “Wait, please don’t go.” 

He removed his bandana and introduced himself. He explained that he had regretted and renounced his life of piracy, and had built a home for himself on the island.

“Could they talk together again sometime?” he asked.

The mermaid looked at the gift – he must have spent hours making it for her – and then looked at him. He seemed genuine, and she knew it was true that he had built a home near the coconut shoal. After a moment’s thought, she agreed to meet him there again tomorrow. And tomorrow they did meet. And the next day, and the next day, until they met every day for a very long time. They soon became very close. One time when they were swimming in the lagoon – the one that has three waterfalls that is – the pirate confessed to the mermaid that he wished he could be a merman so that they could be together all the time. With excitement, the mermaid explained that her father could change the pirate into a merman! 

At once she dove into the water to find him. 

Her father was a noble merman with white hair and gentle, but piercing eyes. When meeting the pirate, he was grim. Upon hearing their story, he said that he was happy that the pirate had renounced piracy, but it was not enough. He would not change him into a merman unless the pirate paid back everything he had stolen. 

Pay back everything!? How could the pirate ever find all the treasures he had stolen and return it to their owners? It was impossible!

The pirate and the mermaid wilted with discouragement, until – splash! – the mermaid’s brother swam to the surface and sat beside his sister. He put his arm around her and said in affirmation not to worry. He would take care of everything. Looking at the pirate, the brother explained that he had once become a human and worked as a sailor. He had never stolen a thing, but had invested the money he had earned from his labors. Now he had enough treasure that he could pay for everything the pirate had taken. Also, because he was very wise, he knew where to return it to! Before they could say a word, the brother dove into the sea and began his work of returning the treasure. It was a long time of waiting before everything was taken care of, but at last the brother returned. 

With everything paid for, the mermaid’s father gladly agreed to turn the pirate into a merman. The moment wasn’t as dramatic as you might think though. There was no sudden flash of light, no thunderous boom, nor were there sparkles. A whirl of water eddied around the pirate a moment, and his legs transformed into a handsome new fin. It was simple as that – and it was the best day of the pirate’s life! He and the mermaid gave her father, and the mermaid’s brother, their deepest thanks. In gratitude, the pirate became one of the most helpful mermen the sea kingdom had ever known, and he and the mermaid enjoyed a long and joyful life together in the tropical blue ocean. 


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Thanks for reading! God bless!

– Brittany

Published by brittanybarryart

Brittany Barry is a professional artist in character design, visual development, illustration, and fine art. She has worked for Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media as a Graphic Designer. ​ "There is joy in encouraging and inspiring people through art, writing, and film. My work features richly dynamic characters, and illustrations that tell compelling stories. My art is inspired by the glints of wonder found in life. The honesty of an expression, the sparkle of a chandelier, the ivy-covered doorway; things that call for a story to be imagined and illustrated. ​ I received a Master of Art in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and a Bachelor of Science in Art Management/Minor in General Business from Appalachian State University. ​ In my spare time from work, you’ll find me playing the piano, singing, writing, studying French, reading and drinking tea! Cheers!" - Brittany

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