The Making of Patient Dog

Good afternoon everybody!  Thank you for joining me today! Brittany Barry here. Today I’m going to be talking with you guys about my husband’s and my journey in making the book Patient Dog.  It’s our first published children’s book (published before my recent book “Tail”), and the first one in a series that we’re hopingContinue reading “The Making of Patient Dog”

Short Story – The Pirate and the Mermaid

Good morrow everyone! Here is my latest short story, “The Pirate and the Mermaid.” I hope you enjoy it! Thanks! ~*~ The Pirate and the Mermaid ~*~ What was that? A beautiful necklace made of pink and white flowers! The mermaid found the gift lying on her favorite sunning rock and lovingly fingered the softContinue reading “Short Story – The Pirate and the Mermaid”

Release Day COMING SOON! “Tail”

Release day COMING SOON for the new, illustrated short story “Tail” 📚✨😃!!!Stay tuned for the launch day on! 🗓Suddenly whisked into a journey to find a plant that will heal his bent tail, Michael the mouse hurries on a perilous adventure to reach the plant before it is gone! Along the way, he makesContinue reading “Release Day COMING SOON! “Tail””

Vlog – Goals and Social Media

Good afternoon everyone!  Thank you for joining me today! This is Brittany Barry and I’m going to be talking with you guys about the goals that I have recently created for myself, and I hope that it inspires you as well. From those goals I will follow, hopefully, my social media strategy. I hope itContinue reading “Vlog – Goals and Social Media”

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